Past Life Regression and future life Progression Master Class

This is the MUST learn Past Life Regression course. If a client suddenly finds themselves immersed in a past life experience, you need to know how to find the therapeutic benefit within that experience - even if you don't believe in Past Life Regression!

Make sure your volume is turned up. Press play. Enjoy.

Get the Advanced Certificate in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression for just €349 and add Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression to your skill set.  This course is a self-paced course that is delivered 100% online.

There are THREE things you MUST do even if you DON'T BELIEVE in Past Life Regression or think it is 'magical thinking'

So many therapists think past life regression is make believe or magical thinking.  But what would you do if one of your clients found themselves transported to a past life - as happened Dr Brian Weiss?  What if a client suddenly found themselves in a past life death scene?  Even if you don't believe in past lives consider this...

Perhaps their subconscious mind in its infinite wisdom is presenting you with a a METAPHOR to help shed light into the source of their problem or the emotions that drive their challenges.  

As a coach or therapist you MUST  be professional able to three things with that new information.

Use that metaphorical experience as a gateway to explore repressed emotions
Suspend your judgement and personal opinion and avoid the urge to 'prove' past lives are real or magical thinking.
Ensure your clients get therapeutic benefit from the experience
learn Past Life Regression hypnotherapy training course

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Learn how to use the Metaphor of the Past Life
Discover a powerful way to release trapped emotion 
Help clients solve problems that are difficult to shift
Reach new client segments
Be confident you can deliver therapy to clients who want or accidentally experience past life regression
Release clients from the pain of the past
Have the best past life and future life progression scripts to guide and support you.


Manage spontaneous past life regression or unexpected abreactions fast
Know exactly what to say and do if repressed memories surface unexpectedly
Be able to handle past life violence or traumatic death
Learn the ONE thing you must never say to a client during regression
Master the SIX HEALING QUESTIONS to turn past life into powerful healing
Know the LAST thing to say to a client before they leave a Past Life or Future Life Experience

Module 1:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

What is Past Life Therapy and Future Life Therapy?
When is it appropriate to use it
Different kinds of past life recall
How the subconscious mind stores information
How trauma is created
Popular Past Life Theories
Using Past Life experiences as a metaphor and catalyst to move therapy forward

Module 2:  Consultation and Pre-Talk for Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Taking a case history
Specific issues to address with your client
Contra-indications / suitability for Past Life Regression or Progression
Helping your client relax into hypnosis
Setting the intention for the experience
Can everyone experience Past Life Regression
How do past life experiences come to mind - setting realistic expectations
How material comes to the client
Helping clients understand why we don't use the word 'memory'
Clean language to avoid leading and contaminating experiences
Obtaining feedback and working with the objective observe

Module 3:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Types of Past Life Recall (PLR)
Types of PLR sesions
The step-by-step Regression or Progression Process
1. Induction
2. Key suggestions
3. Safe Place Development
4. Arriving at Significant Scenes
5. Exploring the Scene
6. Managing Abreactions
7. How to Interpret the Information that comes to light
8. Healing Interventions
9. Returning to the Present
Post Past Life and Future Life Recall Talk
Exploring Resistance
How to provide therapeutic benefit regardless of whether you believe the past life was 'real' or not

Module 4:  Future Life Progression

When to use it
Wording Patterns
Moving to the Right Time and Right Place in the Future
Questions that Heal the Present
When you must NEVER do a Future Life Progression

Module 5:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts

SIX Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts to help you work with clients who process suggestions over six domains
Indluces scripts for visual, creative, logical, emotional, critical clients and people who are more comfortable using metaphors

Powerful Learning Outcomes for ALL Therapists No Matter What You Believe!

Past life regression isn’t part of the professional hypnotherapy tool-kit, therefore we don’t teach it on our Triple Diploma Course. Some psychologists such as Michael Yapko believe it is magical thinking. Others such as Brian Weiss have found it is a powerful way to help clients move forward in life. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s important you know the six healing questions that will allow your clients to put their past life experience behind them and gain a LOT of therapeutic benefit from it.  Sign up for just €349 and give yourself a well-deserved gift and promotion this year.  Graduate and Early Bird Offer is available until 

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