Past Life Regression and future life Progression Master Class

This is the MUST learn Past Life Regression course. If a client suddenly finds themselves locked a past life experience, you need to know how to find the therapeutic benefit within that experience - even if you don't believe!

Make sure your volume is turned up. Press play. Enjoy.

Get the Advanced Certificate in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression for just €99 - Strictly for Triple Diploma graduates only

So many therapists think past life regression is make belief or magical thinking. But what would you do if one of your clients suddenly found themselves in a past life death scene? Even if you don't believe in past lives, you have to suspend your judgment and personal opinion and make sure your clients gets therapeutic benefit from the experience.

Act Fast!  Graduate Offer Ends 1 December 2021

learn Past Life Regression hypnotherapy training course

This exclusive training isn't available anywhere else...

Module 1:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Module 3:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Module 4:  Future Life Progression

Module 5:  Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts

Powerful Learning Outcomes for ALL Therapists No Matter What You Believe!

Past life regression isn’t part of the professional hypnotherapy tool-kit, therefore we don’t teach it on our Triple Diploma Course. Some psychologists such as Michael Yapko believe it is magical thinking. Others such as Brian Weiss have found it is a powerful way to help clients move forward in life. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s important you know the six healing questions that will allow your clients to put their past life experience behind them and gain a LOT of therapeutic benefit from it.  Sign up for just €99.  Offer ends 1st December 2021.

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