Learn to Hypnotise in 10 Easy Steps

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Training Essentials course where you will learn to hypnotise in ten easy steps. In ten short videos, I’m going to show you exactly what to do and say during the first session of hypnotherapy with a brand new client.

CPD for Therapists

This Learn To Hypnotise course is recognised as continued professional development (CPD) for most life coaching, counselling, and psychotherapy associations.  You’ll get a Certificate of Completion when you have watched all ten short videos.

#1 Learn to Hypnotise with an Authorative Test

Before you formally hypnotise your client you want to figure out how they process suggestion. In other words what happens when you make suggestions to your new client.

In the video below I’ll teach you an authoritative hypnotherapy test. It will help you to figure out if they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

#2 Permissive Suggestibility Test

In the video below, you will learn a permissive test. This one works brilliantly on empaths and people who enjoy making choices and who find it easy to connect with their feelings.

#3 Eye Fixation

Now you’re ready to start the formal hypnosis. You’ll want to encourage your client to close their eyes. In the video below, I’ll show you how to amplify natural suggestibility with an eye fixation technique.

You’re not expected to get it right first time. Remember, practice makes perfect.  

#4 The Candle of Relaxation Induction

Ok so it’s time to create the hypnotic state. So this lesson will be a little longer than the others but you’ll be learning one of the most effective hypnotic inductions.

It takes time to create the hypnotic state (unless you’re doing a rapid induction). Remember to go s.l.o.w. when you are practicing this. Go as slowly as you possibly can and then slow down even more!

#4 The Three Powers

This lesson is one of the most important lessons in the whole series because in just a few words you learn how to instantly access your clients’ creative imagination and their feelings.

It is a deceptively simple piece of scripting and if you join me on the Ultimate Results Diploma Course I’ll show you exactly how to use it as a springboard for regression to help your clients get closure on the unfinished business of the past.

#5 Breath Hypnotic Deepening Technique

This lesson shows you how to use your clients’ breath as a natural deepening technique.  You’ll see that the gentle rise and fall of their chest is the best way to pace your suggestions as you learn to hypnotise.

#6 Basic Anchoring Technique

Imagine if you could help your clients tap into feelings of confidence quickly and easily. Hypnotic anchors will enable you to do just that! Anchors are a great way to deepen the hypnotic experience and also a highly effective way to help clients revisit important events in their past (regression) quickly and easily.

This lesson forms the foundation for learning how to build very complex and personal anchors for your clients.

#7 Visualising Success

Imagining success in any given situation is key to becoming successful.  

Imagine how good it would feel to be able to help others when they feel stuck. Imagine how good it would feel to have the tools to fix your own challenges and issues as they arise.

On our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching you don’t have to imagine. Imagine how good it would feel to have the tools to fix your own challenges and issues as they arise…

You’ll learn the 10 Tools Used by Talented Therapists and I’ll give you access to 101 Therapy Interventions for Busy Therapists online.

Anyhow, encouraging your client to visualize a future where they can do what they want to do is the first step towards permanent and lasting change.  

#8 Emerging From Hypnosis Technique

When it comes to emerging your client from hypnosis common sense prevails.  Take your time and remember the key suggestion is to return them to everyday suggestibility so they aren’t open to negative suggestions when they leave your therapy centre.

#9 Debriefing Technique

This is one of the most important lessons of all because it drills down into how, us therapists, give our clients the results they’re looking for.  It also explains the most important hypnotic convincer of all!

#10 Turning Hypnosis Into Hypnotherapy

It’s been great having you on this journey with me and I hope that you’ve learned a lot about hypnotherapy from these mini videos.

Obviously, these are just the ‘mechanics’ of the process. The true power and potential of hypnotherapy comes from the quality of the questions you ask, and the suggestions and interventions you use to help your client achieve their goals.

You are on the road to success and learning how to hypnotise others. But don’t forget that it’s the ‘therapy’ in hypnotherapy that makes the experience a life-changing one.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to join me on our next Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching.  We run the course in Ireland and in England in top academic venues.