manifest abundance and prosperity

Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 June 2022

Manifest Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life

Learn how to ‘flick the switch’ from poverty to prosperity based thinking and welcome unlimited abundance and prosperity into your life and the lives of your clients.
This module will help realise that your biggest expense is the money you're not making. It will energise you and inspire you to find new ways to release the financial value hidden in your life experience and your coaching and therapy skills.

Susan will also show you how to set up your practice and deliver your best work to your clients.
Setting up your professional practice can be a nightmare if you haven't done it before. Susan's over her shoulder video on Sunday will show you how to automate GDPR compliance, Informed Consent and Client Record keeping so you spend more time working with fee-paid clients and less time on admin and compliance.

Together we are going to create a Prosperity Plan for your business.  Plus you'll enjoy short practical over my shoulder videos to make it easy for you to put great systems in place. Pay €195 to access this final module on the Triple Diploma course.

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