Marissa Peer or Susan Wallace – Who should you learn hypnotherapy with?

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Susan’s triple diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy is fully accredited in Ireland, the UK and internationally. Start your journey online and when restrictions are lifted join Susan in class at no exta cost.

Hypnotherapy Business Academy is a fully compliant accrediting body in Ireland and the U.K. You can join the top associations and the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA. You can read all about accreditation and supervision here.

Low Cost Professional Insurance

You can also avail of low cost hypnotherapy insurance at approximately €120 per year through Hypnotherapy Business Academy’s group scheme with Balens Insurance.

The Top 5 Differences between Marissa Peer and Susan Wallace

Marissa Peer is an amazing therapist and without doubt offers fantastic hypnotherapy training.  Yet many of my students spend tons of time trying to decide whether to learn hypnotherapy with Marissa Peer or to learn hypnotherapy with me.  Now I love research, so I asked them what made them decide to take my Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching and Online Therapy instead of training with Marissa Peer.  The five top reasons were:

1. Price

1. There is a massive difference in price.  Marissa Peer has a sales team working to turn enquiries into bookings.  I am a business of one.  I won’t try and sell you anything.  If my course is right for you then you’ll know it and I’ll help you figure out how you can do it while still honouring your other work, family and financial commitments.  No sales just support. This year due to COVID-19 influences Susan’s Triple Diploma is available for just €1,650.

2. Three Diplomas

2. Susan offers three diplomas instead of just one and if you know anything about hypnotherapy then you’ll know by its very nature it offers rapid transformation.  Everything she teaches is outcome focused you’ll learn the step-by-step way to make sure your clients get the results they want.  Plus, my students love the fact, that you don’t tons of homework.

This Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy leads to a Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy

No Homework!

Everything gets done in the classroom so that learning hypnotherapy won’t be a massive disruption in your life.

Roll Your Sleeves Up! Susan says…

3. My students enjoyed that I am very down to earth.  While I do work with high profile clients and seen tons of those when I worked in London at the Farago Clinic – we observed their privacy and confidentiality and still do to this day.  Also they like knowing that I am a local therapist doing local work with the kinds of clients they too would be working with.  They also know that while I have a hypnotherapy training business that has hundreds of students from all corners of the world- my focus is on each individual I work with.  I build one-to-one relationships.

4. Tailored To Your Needs

4.  My students realised that both Marissa Peer and I have similar qualifications, training and experience but that said that before they booked a course it was important for them to have a connection with their teacher.  They said they decided to commit to my Triple Diploma course when they realised that I would work with them individually to make sure they got more than the three diplomas – whether they wanted to tackle a personal issue, launch a successful therapy career or learn the skills to help and support they people they loved.

5. Pick up the phone, call Marissa and call Susan

5.  Last and most importantly of all, they reaslised they could pick up the phone and call me and they wouldn’t have to go through layers of people to simply have a chat, get advice, ask a question or get a little blast of confidence and motivation that comes from knowing your teacher has your back.

So if you don’t believe it’s true then the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and give me a call and together we can figure out if hypnotherapy training, mind coaching or starting an online coaching and therapy practice is for you.

What’s Your Number Susan?

My number is 086 343 2992 if dialling outside of Ireland you can connect with me on Whats App on 00353863432992 or Skype @hypnosisacademy

Other Stuff You Need To Know

Accreditation and Affiliation

Proud to be associated and affiliated to the world’s leading therapy associations as a provider of Continued Professional Development