Mind Coaching for Clarity

Mind Coaching for Clarity

Today I’d like to share a Mind Coaching for Clarity exercise I use with my clients. It’s a simple but highly effective Mind Coaching tool that I use personally every week and it’s worked for thousands of my clients over the years. As with all Mind Coaching exercises – the most effective ones are the ones that are easy to use and deliver specific outcomes.

This one takes less than five minutes to complete and works with both creative and analytical clients. It also works well with young adults.

Positive Pressure and Accountability in Mind Coaching

It uses the psychology of ‘positive pressure’ to encourage us to take specific action. Accountability – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions – can be a motivating force when we share the promises we make to ourselves with others.

Try It For Yourself

‘I know this’ is not as powerful as ‘I DO this’. So why not try this short Mind Coaching for Clarity exercise yourself? If you are a student on my Triple Diploma course, then you’ll find it extremely useful. We are just weeks away from graduating and you have four days of deep dive, live in person training next month. So to help you to tie up any lose ends, why not give this exercise a go?

This Mind Coaching exercise will help you to remember what you set out to achieve at the start of your training and it will help you to take those last few steps as you get ready to graduate.

How To Use It As a Mind Coaching Exercise

Read the four sentences below and think about each one. As with all Mind Coaching exercises, use the SMART formula. Decide on something that is Simple to achieve and state, Measurable this week, Achievable without too much fuss, Realistic (losing two stone isn’t realistic this week!) and Time sensitive meaning it happens now not months from now.

When you are clear on the answers, write out the start of each sentence and finish it.

You’ll have four clear statements of intent written that will help you stay focused as you start into next week.

  1. The action I will take this week is…

2. By doing this I can expect to…

3. If I face any challenges or obstacles I will…

4. This is important to me because…

By doing this you are coaching your mind, to become more focused on positive outcomes rather than to be focused on problems. This is an important step towards developing what Positive Psychologists call a Growth Based Mindset.

You Don’t Have To Do It… But

The exercise is completely optional and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But if you don’t try it and gain personal benefit from it, then you’ll never use it. What’s more – your own clients won’t’ get to benefit from it. Let’s face it, if we don’t plan ahead and decide in advance how we want to show up in our lives, then all too often we find ourselves pulled in every direction – bar the one we want to take.

Are You On My Triple Diploma Course?

If you are a student on my Triple Diploma course, then why not write out the four sentences and complete them. Pop your answers into our Whats App group so that your colleagues on the course can be your accountability buddies and give you their amazing support and assistance.

Have You Graduated from the Triple Diploma course?

The same applies to all my graduates. Write out the four sentences and complete them. Pop your answers into your Whats App group and I’ll be there to help you achieve your goals this week.

Thinking of Signing Up for the Triple Diploma course?

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