Process Focused Hypnosis Master Class with Susan Wallace

When I teach Process Focused Hypnosis I tell my students ‘focus on the process and the solution will take care of itself’.

Developments in Psychotherapy that Inform Our Process Focused Approach To Hypnotherapy

This fifteen-minute MasterClass will help you understand process focused hypnosis. You’ll also learn how my Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course is fundamentally different from other hypnotherapy training courses on the market.

In this video, together we will take a deep dive into how social engagement – the top rung of Polyvagal Theory and Therapy has become the new ‘rapport’. Fifteen minutes from now you’ll know why I teach students the importance of:

  • Unpacking the problem
  • Finding the component parts
  • Setting your client up for success by asking future based questions
  • Calming down a dysregulated nervous system
  • Testing the therapy
  • Inviting clients to step outside their comfort zone and prove to themselves – your therapy delivers results!
  • Showing up as a confident, brave and competent practitioner

Process Focused Hypnosis Opens a Dialogue with the Verbal Narrative and the Body Narrative

We will examine the narratives the client brings – both verbal and body narratives. You’ll also discover why I’ll never make it as a Hollywood actor! But on a serious note, we therapists have to be able to step into our clients’ experience and know exactly how it feels to walk a mile in their shoes – obviously, yes obviously we don’t ‘role play’ this when they are with us – but we do when we are learning our craft. We use NLP mirror, matching, pacing and leading to develop empathy and understanding from a clinical standpoint. When we are with our clients we use the same mirror, matching, pacing and leading to gently guide our clients out of a dysregulated nervous system by giving them a highly effective Trauma Grounding Kit.

This is called the ‘bottom-up approach to the treatment of trauma and it underpins the evidence-based, solution-focused hypnotherapy I teach on the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy course.

Process Focused Hypnosis methodology with Susan Wallace (c) 2021
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Too Much? Too Soon?

The biggest mistake new students can make is investing in hypnotherapy courses that aren’t underpinned by sound science and the latest developments in psychotherapy. To build a lifestyle-friendly coaching and therapy practice you will love, you’ll need the peace of mind that comes from being “evidence-based”. This will help you to feel confident, brave and competent in the knowledge that what you do works and delivers the best outcomes to your clients.