Today I’d like to share a Promise process that I use with clients in my private practice. I’ve also decided to use it with my new intake of students when they join me in-person or live online for the first module of our Triple Diploma Course in Strategic Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. Read through it and then let’s talk about it.

Learning Therapy - My promises contract I share with my students.
My promises to you are listed and your promises to yourself are also listed.
Here’s an example of the promises I use. How could you modify this to help your own therapy clients?

My Promises Contract When Learning Hypnotherapy

I call it our promises contract. When my students start learning hypnotherapy, I ask them to read through it and if they are happy to do so to sign it and then keep it.

It’s a simple enough contract, not legally binding but it sets the tone for our time together on the course and it expands on the Client Commitment concepts I teach in this Master Class here.

I’ll be there at the end of the ‘phone when you need me…

If you were my client or if you decide to join me on the Triple Diploma course, then you’ll get a copy of this document. You’ll see that the promises I make to you are concerned with helping you to get the absolute best from the course and you’ll see it there in black and white – “I’ll be there at the end of the ‘phone when you need me”. That’s something that in today’s world that sadly, is often missing in training courses.

You’re Not Promising ME Anything!

You’ll see I’m not asking you to make any promises to me. I’m asking you to make promises to yourself. Because when you train with me, I want to know that you’re going to bring your best self to the process.

Read through it again and make sure what I say resonates with you. Because this is what great hypnotherapy looks like. It’s the two of us working together to convince your subconscious mind to make the changes YOU want to make. It’s not about mind control or devious clever tactics to fool you or make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s all about YOU getting the best from your investment knowing you have a teacher and a mentor that has your best interests at heart.

How Can You Use It In Your Private Practice?

You could modify it and use it in your own private practice. Obviously, there are some things you would change to ensure you have clear boundary lines between you and your clients.

This Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy leads to a Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy