Learn Psychology of Client Success

One of the Most Powerful Visualistion Processes To Attract Clients You Will Love Working With!

To get the best from this 10 minute process you’ll need some large sheets of paper, some coloured pens and a distraction free space. Once you understand this advanced psychological process you’ll find it much easier to ‘put yourself out there on Social Media’ and to open up a heart-felt conversation with your clients. Doing this now will help you get the absolute best from the Triple Diploma course.

This Process Will Help You Develop a 5 Year Profitable Practice and a Great Online Course for Your Clients

I use this process to help me create great courses for coaches and therapists and clients such as the Triple Diploma course, the Hypno Gastric Band, Sports Mind Coaching and Mental Toughness, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression, HypnoHealing and the Trauma Grounding Kit.

The Assumption That Can Destroy Your Dreams of Running a Rewarding and Successful Therapy Practice

Many people assume that when they graduate with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy or another qualification such as RTT that their phone will ring and hundreds of people will want to book coaching and therapy with you. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true.

No Matter How Amazing Your Therapy Skills Are You Still Need To Do This

To become a successful therapist with a rewarding career you need to be able to do two things. You need to be able to:

#1 Get great clients

#2 Deliver great results

The Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy will show you exactly how to deliver great results and solution-focused hypnotherapy to your clients. I guarantee you’ll be able to deliver great results by taking my flagship course. But what about getting great clients? How are you supposed to learn that?

The Therapy Training Model Is Broken!

Therapists aren’t given the opportunity to learn the psychology of marketing and client communication because hypnotherapy trainers didn’t have the academic training to teach marketing psychology because they aren’t qualified to do so. Susan Wallace recognised that the therapy training model was broken and in 2014 she want back to University to address this issue. Master of Science in Marketing and Post Graduate Diplomas in Innovation, New Product and New Service Development and is possibly the only person qualified to teach the psychology of marketing to coaches and therapists in the health and wellness sector.

Learn the psychology of client success with Susan Wallace Hypnotherapy Business Academy. Learn psychology of client attraction and communication.

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