Regression Hypnotherapy
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In this Regression Therapy Master Class, Susan Wallace explains why training in advanced regression therapy skills is absolutely essential for all coaches, counsellors and therapists.  You'll leave the Master Class equipped with the knowledge and understanding you need to make sure you know exactly what a great regression therapy session will look and feel like .  The content in this Master Class is described just below the video.

Learn more about the Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy

Become qualified to help clients in person, in groups and online.  You'll learn deep regression techniques to successfully release and reframe all early life and childhood experiences. Plus you'll learn how to use the Inner Child and Supporting Younger Self Metaphors to heal past hurts and to help your clients live more fully in the present.

Watch the Past Life Regression Master Class and Get this course 100% FREE when  you sign-up for the Triple Diploma course

Discover the six healing questions that resolve all past life trauma fast.  The Past Life course does NOT qualify you to work with childhood and early life experiences.  You must complete a full diploma in hypnotherapy to be qualified use regression in client centred coaching and therapy.