Sexual Abuse and Hypnotherapy

I recently had a female client who came to me because she was feeling ‘stuck’. She described her job as a ‘dead end’ one and didn’t really get on with the people she worked with. She told me nothing ever worked out right for her. In recent years she was bridesmaid at the weddings of her girlfriends. She didn’t have a partner and didn’t think she’d ever find one but said she would love to have ‘what everyone else had’.

When I asked her what was stopping her from having what her friends had – good job, nice house and a partner, she told me ‘she was her own worst enemy’. ‘I suppose I don’t really make the effort I kind of sabotage myself’. I asked her about her family and people she was close to and then she told me

What Her Brother Did When She Was 14

She told me her Mum had a died a few years ago and she felt very much alone in the world. I asked her if she had brothers and sisters. She told me she had one brother but she didn’t speak to him. I noticed a big change in how she sat, how she folded into herself and how she turned away. Classic signs of shame.

“My brother raped me when I was 14. He was a couple of years older than me. He did it as a bet. His friends at school put him up to it.”

My Client Came To Me Because She Was Stuck – Not Because She Was Raped by Her Brother

My client had come to me to help her become unstuck. She firmly told me ‘no way’ when I suggested we talk a little bit more about this. ‘That was a long time ago now and I try not think of it very often.’ From this brief introduction, you’ll see that the roots of self sabotage run deep. For this client to become unstick, we need to help her heal from that terrible experience but yet we don’t have their permission to go into their trauma. That’s how trauma work goes. Now would we insist. We have to figure out how to work around it in a trauma informed way and in a way that puts our clients needs first.

This Is Why We Need To Know How To Do Body Based Hypnosis and Use Therapeutic Metaphors

The Healing Self Sabotage Through Hypnosis will show you how to help this client and thousands of other clients who have come through extremely difficult experiences in life without going into the memories of the trauma.

You Would Never Do Regression Work With This Client

Despite what you might hear on the internet and social media, we would NEVER do regression work with this client. But that doesn’t mean that if she was your client, you couldn’t help. You can 100% help her ‘become unstuck’, and ‘have what her friends have’. You can work directly with the body to release the effects of the terrible thing that happened. You can use a hypnotic metaphor to do remarkable things that will make a massive difference and allow her to move on. She won’t even know what you are doing but her body will know and it will get to release the shame and all the other silent emotions that are stopping her from making an ‘effort’.

Learn How To Do This Powerful Work

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Remember This About Sexual Abuse and Hypnotherapy

Sexual abuse and hypnotherapy. We do not use Regression Hypnotherapy. We don’t need to. We have a wealth of other ways to help our clients heal from the devastating effects of sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault.