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Here are some videos that explain the psychology behind Sports Mind Coaching and Mental Toughness Training. These videos accompany the six Sports Mind Coaching sessions/themes that you can offer your clients.

What Does A Sports Mind Coach Do?

1. Condition the Mind for Success

1.2. Explaining Mental Muscles, Beliefs and Goals to your Clients

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

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How To Get Your First Three Sports Mind Coaching Clients

Tiger Woods Describing Flow

Goldmine Effect, Ramus Ankersesn

Sports Psychology – Inside the Mind of Champion Athletes by Martin Hagger

The Mindset to Succeed, Prof Tim Noakes

Find your Athletic Edge by Brendan Brazier (Be careful of nutritional advice)

Michael Jordan – Heart

Michael Jordan – Drive (Bad things don’t happen)

The Wisdom by Bruce Lee (Be like water)

Inch by Inch