Join me Susan Wallace for three Saturdays online and earn a
Certificate in Strategic Hypnotherapy

Be the Best.  Have the Best. Give Your Best.

My name is Susan Wallace and I'd like to invite you to join me live online over three Saturdays to learn evidence based strategic hypnotherapy and mind coaching skills.  

Now I don't expect you to purchase this course without seeing if it's a good fit for you and your clients.  

So below you'll find seven videos from our very first module which starts on Saturday 17th October.  You can join my online classroom via Zoom and through our secret Facebook group. Enjoy the videos and let me know how you get on.

Have You Got Your Hypnotherapy Training Manual?

How To Hypnotise Your Clients >> Here's Your Hypnotherapy Road Map!

You used eye fixation to close your clients eyes.  You've amplified their natural suggestibility – so what’s next?  

Well I’ve created a master template to keep you on track.  It’s your road map to success.  It’s got a big long fancy title (as most important things do!).  It’s ‘dynamic’ because it will work with the most basic hypnotherapy session up to the most complex one.  

When you have a road map you’ll know exactly where you are going.  Plus you’ll know exactly how to guide your clients towards the outcomes or solutions they want.

Let’s take a look at the elements in a basic hypnotherapy session.  Open your course manual on page 10 and put a post-it note on this page.  We will be coming back to this page, time and time again.  On the (fully online) Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy you’ll learn how to rapidly change subconscious responses. These changes will have a profound effect on the way your clients think, feel and act.  Plus most importantly of all, you’ll learn how to test the results to make sure you’re clients are experiencing the changes they want to make.

How To Hypnotise >> Start With Eye Fixation to Increase Suggestibility

Do you remember the swinging watch old timers used to hypnotise people?  Believe it or not there is a lot of merit in the process. Here’s an updated version using a pendulum.  Let me show you how it works and then let me explain why it works. Master this simple technique and your confidence will soar.

By using this process, your clients are accepting suggestions, their subconscious mind is expecting what you predict will happen. You’re artificially mimicking Rapid Eye Movement – that part of the sleep cycle that processes our daily experiences. It’s a little bit of magic that makes the process of hypnotising your clients easy and effortlessly.

Hypnotherapy For Beginners >> Full Session with Susan Wallace

Settle back and enjoy this full session of hypnotherapy.  I’ll take you through the basic structure of a hypnotherapy session – all the basic elements are in it.  Before you know it, you’ll become comfortable putting these elements together.  But please note, this is just the structure of hypnotherapy together with a few confidence suggestions.  This isn’t hypno ‘therapy’ as such. 

Hypnotherapy starts when you use conversational hypnosis during the history taking part of the session, add a powerful intervention and when you master techniques like ideo motor responses, regression therapy, parts therapy and a whole host of other amazing therapy skills.  

This is just the road map. When you enrol in the full version of this course, you’ll start to learn the tools and techniques to rapidly change subconscious responses. But remember every journey starts at the beginning.  So today we are taking the first steps.  Plus we are taking the time to get the foundations right from the get-go!

Session Analysis >> Let's Take A Look At What I Used In The Course Manual

In this short video you’ll get the session breakdown plus you’ll see how I messed up! Then you'll see what mind set I used to get over it. 

I suggest you adopt a similar approach when you are putting your hypnotherapy sessions together.  It’s important to note, what I am teaching you here isn’t ‘hypnotherapy’ it’s the ‘structure’ of the session.  By getting the structure (reasonably) right, you’ll be able to keep all your mental energy for delivering great therapy and mind coaching.  You won't be distracted by the process.  It's like driving a car.  You don't think about driving.  You just focus on where you want to go.  It's the exact same when you're doing great therapy.

Remember there is no such thing as perfect.  Your best is always good enough.  Accept that now and you’ll save yourself from a lot of self-doubt later.  Here's a run down of what I used from the course manual.

  • Dynamic Master Template page 10
  • The following elements were included in this session.
  • #1 Eye Fixation script page 20
  • #2 Continue With an Induction Technique:  Candle of Relaxation page 23
  • #3 Deepen the Experience:  Breath Deepener page 25
  • #4 Create an Anchor:  OK Anchor page 26
  • #6  Follow up with positive suggestions (confidence) page 29
  • #7 Mental Rehearsal page 29
  • #8 Reinforce the Anchor page 29
  • #9 Emerge from Hypnosis page 29

Not got the manual? Enrol on the fully online Certificate in Strategic Hypnotherapy and have the course manual posted to you and you'll receive all the course videos and links to join me live online.

Some Serious Stuff! How To Respond When Your Client Looks Anxious or Upset During Hypnosis


In this video I’ll show you what to do if you are working with someone and they start to look uncomfortable, anxious, afraid or get upset or start to cry. 

When you are learning hypnotherapy and practicing on others, it’s important to choose your case study clients carefully.

Only work with people you know reasonably well.  Or work with someone who is also on this course. Do not work with strangers just yet.  Do not work with someone who has a history of mental, sexual or physical abuse - we will cover these complex issues at a later stage.  

As we move through the foundation course, I'll set you up with another student so you can practice your skills.  Plus I'll set you up with your own private online therapy room.

This is a quick start guide so we will cover these complicated issues in full when we get into the Triple Diploma course modules. On that deeper part of the course you’ll learn how to successfully manage abreactions, cathartic experiences, false memory syndrome and confabulation in a professional and client centred manner.

How To Properly Manage an Abreaction When You Have No Therapy Experience


This video will talk you through a simple process to keep a negative experience safe until you can help your client get the professional support they need.  I don't go into detail on this.  Right now I'm offering you a quick fix to a problem that will be addressed in full on the Triple Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy.  I'm asking you to write the script down - so that you learn it and integrate it into your memory and make your own of it.  

what's Included in the course?

3 Saturdays Online
Saturday 17 November, Saturday 24 November and Saturday 12 December. 

PLUS! 3 Saturdays In-Person in Limerick When Lockdown is Over - Please note this is additional free training included in the price of the course.  You do not need to attend in person if you have attended the course online.

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