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What Susan Wallace's hypnotherapy students really think.
 Audrey talks about her 'average' expectations.

Graduation Day for the Triple Diploma is a fun filled day where each student is welcomed on stage to share their life experiences and explain how they are going to use their brand new, professional hypnotherapy skills.  Audrey speaks openly about average expectations and training that is too cheap and because it offers so much free stuff - must have something to hide!

Susan Wallace's Hypnotherapy Course Reviewed

Audrey O'Neill completed both the Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy AND the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course in one single year.  Here's a short video where Audrey gives a review of Susan Wallace and Susan Wallace's hypnotherapy training courses.

Audrey talks about how different programmes over sell and offer you the sun, moon and stars but then you are left and you don't know what to do or where to do.  It's easy spend a fortune on high end hypnotherapy courses.  But Susan Wallace is cheaper.  

Listen! It's cheaper.
It isn't too far to travel.
She does it in person.
It's going to be great but don't expect too much.
Let's be honest.  She is offering a lot.
It's a bit too good to be true.
But go with it and it will be a stepping stone to where I really want to go...

And then I realised...
All of the thousands of Euros, all of the therapy and all of the training
I got 100 times more in this course than everything else put together.
Instead of being just a course there is a person who is giving her heart and her soul...
She has been so present and taken the time to get to know everyone of us on such a human level...

Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy Apply Now

Here's How Audrey Will Be Using Her Hypnotherapy Skills...

Audrey is 'Progress Focused' - See Change Happen Instantly with Audrey O'Neill

In the video above you'll see how Audrey mixes solution focused and process focused and creates her own take on it - Progress Focused Hypnosis - Where life becomes happier and easier! 

Audrey reveals how she will use her skills as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapist fully trained to heal trauma through hypnosis 

Audrey leverages her life experience and realised that she was more than a designer in her previous career, she was a therapist!  She explains how she noticed this and then reveals her plans for her new hypnotherapy service.  as she gets ready ready to receive clients with her brand 'The Life Stylist'.

Watch this video right to the end for interesting insights into the world of interior design, top models and more.  

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Read more testimonials from Susan Wallace's students, graduates and professional coaches, therapists, medical professionals, social workers, nurses, doctors who decided to learn hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace.  If you would like to speak to Susan personally, reach out to her by phone or whats app on 086 343 2992.  International students can dial 00353863432992.  This is one of over 100 Five Star Reviews for Susan Wallace's Hypnotherapy Training, Susan Wallace's Hypnosis Courses and The Teaching Therapist Susan Wallace.