Hello and welcome to the master class. My name is Susan Wallace and today I’d like to help you plan your journey toward becoming the best coach, therapist or healer that you can be. Watch the Master Class now.

So often in life we look back, but today you’re going to collaborate with your future self!

Susan Wallace, The Coaching and Therapy Journey

Here’s what we are about to do together as we embark on this Coaching and Therapy Journey

  1. Plan your journey towards becoming the best coach, therapist or healer that you can be. I’ll be offering you a complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call to help synthesise what you learn on this Master Class.
  2. Use SEVEN different Mind Coaching processes to help develop your clarity, connection and confidence – you’ll love these because you’ll be able to adapt them and use them to help your own clients. And the best way to do that is to get personal benefit from them yourself – because then you’ll show up with the felt, lived experience from these simple but highly sophisticated mind coaching techniques.
  3. Use Time Line therapy and a technique from Dialectical Behavior Therapy to connect with the wisdom of your past self so you can guide your present self towards the security, success and rewards your future self deserves.

To make the most of this master class, I encourage you to grab a sheet of paper and a pen or a few colours if you are feeling creative. You’ll want to take notes as we move through this presentation.

We have tons of stuff to cover so let’s get stuck in and create some context about WHY these learning outcomes are so important…

Collaborate With Your Future Self on this Coaching and Therapy Journey

We can’t predict the future, but we can plan in advance to make sure you have the skills and the resources so that you can continue to take care of your clients even if you have to take time off due to external events outside of your control or perhaps because you simply want to take time off to:

  • care for others or
  • care of yourself
  • You might have an unexpected wind fall
  • You might want to take time off to move from a human thinking, or a human doing and just be a human being
  • Being happy, being content and being fulfilled through travel, sport, hobbies or other things that help us to live what Positive Psychologist Martin Seligman calls a Pleasant, Engaged and Meaningful life.

Book Clarity With Susan

To help you to achieve a breakthrough and move through these limitations, I’m offering you a 30 minute Clarity Call with me.  This call isn’t a sales call, it’s a way for me to support you and to help you do three things:

  1. Recognise how you might be sabotaging your success.  I’ll ask you for the list of those limitations, those thoughts, feelings and responses you put in the ‘cloud’
  2. I’ll help you leverage the benefits you’ve listed in the ‘sun’ so you don’t miss out on anything
  3. I’ll make sure you leave the call feeling energised and motivated to take your next step – whatever that may be.

So if you are clear on the benefits you stand to gain by continuing to build a career in the health and wellness industry and if you are aware of those things that are holding you back – well then we can use these as the starting point to our conversation.

Use the button below this Master Class to pick the date and time that suits you and I’ll do everything I can to help you be the best, have the best and give your best to your clients.