Hypnotherapy Training and Life Coaching Courses

My Hypnotherapy Career

My Hypnotherapy Career:  How I Bumbled My Way Into an Amazing Hypnotherapy Job and how I became a hypnotherapist despite having no confidence at all https://youtu.be/qZfIUlPqP2g You probably have heard that you

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hypnosis based trauma grounding kit

Hypnosis and Trauma

Hypnosis and Trauma Master Class Watch the 15 Minute Master Class Here's what you will learn: Three critical pre-therapy tools to help your clients develop a personal grounding kitTwo ways trauma presents itself

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101 Therapy Interventions for Free

101 Therapy Interventions

101 Therapy Interventions Watch the video below and take a peep inside the 101 Therapy Interventions app you too can have on your smartphone or tablet. https://youtu.be/abW9wcnJohY Just Sell It Susan! Nope! Lot's

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