Susan Wallace demonstrating the silent induction

The Silent Hypnotic Induction

Join me Susan Wallace on this short hypnosis master class to learn more about The Silent Induction or The Non-Verbal Induction. Watch the Masterclass and Listen to the Commentary This hypnotic induction

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free therapy training the emotional journey

Free Therapy Training

Understanding The Emotional Journey Our Clients Experience During Therapy In this free therapy training, I’ll sketch out the emotional journey therapy our clients take when they book therapy and how you

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Hypnotherapy Course Reviews

Hypnotherapy Course Reviews and Testimonials from some great hypnotherapy course graduates Our Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy is successful because our great students make it so! << Triple

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Hypnosis Academy and the Red Shoes

Hypnosis Academy

Susan Wallace established the original Hypnosis Academy back in 1998. Since then her competitors have created many other Hypnosis Academy's. In particular, Igor Ledochowski started Hypnosis Training Academy, Karl

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