Therapy CPD with Susan Wallace

Symptom, Source, Solution Framework with Susan Wallace

Your clients bring the symptoms to therapy. They are varied and diverse. But unless you know how to unpack the symptoms it’s the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a wound and saying some comforting words. The most effective way to sort out the problem is to discover the source.

This Therapy CPD with Susan Wallace is one in a series on Solution Focused and Process Focused Hypnosis

A Solution-Focused or a Process Focused approach are two sides of the same coin. This kind of therapy gets deep into the verbal narrative and the body narrative so they can work both top-down and bottom-up.

Get the the Source of the Problem With Susan Wallace

In Process Focused Hypnotherapy we get to the source of the problem. We unpack the problem, find the source and working at this deep level means the symptoms begin to disappear readily. We move past the symptoms to get to the source of the problem. When we work at the source level we use a ‘process’. This process helps us to unpack the problem and guide our clients to their own unique solution.

Unpack The Sumptoms Properly

When we unpack the symptoms properly, we discover that the problem shows up in the

  • Thoughts that we think
  • The images we build in our mind
  • The self-talk we speak to ourselves and
  • The unhelpful limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

You can use this essential information to guide your clients to a solution that is a perfect fit and tailor-made for them.

We also flip it over and ask the same questions about the thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions our clients would like to welcome into their life. Watch the short five minute Master Class to find out more.