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When the first model of healing trauma and post traumatic stress was developed hypnotherapy played an important role it it. But that was back in the 1800’s and up until now, there hasn’t been a unified model of psycho–hypno–therapy that uses hypnotherapy to help heal trauma in the same way that Pierre Janet when he first developed it.

Hypnotherapy Is A Highly Effective Therapy to Heal Trauma and Aid In the Recovery From Trauma

I believe the main reason for this is the majority of psychotherapists aren’t aware of how effective hypnotherapy is for the treatment of trauma. Whilst, many hypnotherapists believe that trauma therapy is beyond the scope of their abilities and up until now were not able to find the in-depth training required to feel both confident and competent delivering trauma therapy.

Trauma Survivors Are All Around Us

This is unfortunate, because trauma survivors are all around us and looking for therapy to heal trauma. They are in our communities, our families and in our clinics and workplaces. Because there is such a massive shortage of trauma therapists many end up stuck on psychologists waiting lists for years and have no one locally to turn to for help.

Now for the first time since the 1800’s you can become fully qualified to heal trauma through hypnosis and become a Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist.

You can now learn the unified psycho–hypno-therapeutic approach to healing trauma based on the work of Pierre Janet. If you don’t know about him, Janet developed a systematic, phase orientated hypnotherapy and psychotherapy model for the treatment of post traumatic stress back in the 1800’s. What is so important about Janet’s model is that it relied heavily on hypnosis.

The World’s Leading Psychologists Use The Same Model For Their Trauma Work

Janet’s model is what the world’s leading psychologists use as the foundation for their own developments in the field of trauma work. We have Bessel Van Der Kolk’s the Body Keeps Score, Judith Herman’s seminal Trauma and Recovery, Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Babette Rothschild Eight Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery, Sue Johnsons Emotionally Focused Therapy – each of these masters in the field use the systematic, phase orientate approach to trauma developed by Pierre Janet.

You Can Learn How To Use It Too

But despite the model being heavily focused on hypnosis, hypnotherapists, counsellors and psychotherapists have never had access to a unified model of psycho – hypno – therapy for trauma recovery.

Even though so many of us are helping clients heal trauma through hypnosis.

Join Me, Susan Wallace On The Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Course and Work With Me Online and/or In Person

Starting today, you can sign up and start learn the same three phrase framework developed by Pierre Janet in the 1800’s. This is the same model that forms the foundation almost all trauma therapy. You will have the opportunity to put hypnotherapy back where it belongs at the centre of your trauma treatment. Pierre Janet discovered that hypnotherapy made it much easier for clients to move through the three phases of treatment and hypnosis made it much more effective to identify, explore and modify traumatic memories and give our clients what Sue Johnson the developer of EFT calls a corrective experience.

When you learn how to heal trauma through hypnosis you also learn how to heal self worth, attachment injuries, core wounds, self esteem, self confidence, self sabotage, phobias, anxiety, stress related conditions, psychosomatic illness and much, much more through hypnosis.

You are about to learn how to use the same three phase model that underpins the work of these great masters in trauma recovery and you can use it to provide safe recovery and heal trauma in all its disguises through hypnosis.

My name is Susan Wallace. I’m the Teaching Therapist and I’d like to thank you for your leadership. I’m here to help you be the best, have the best and give your best.

Psycho–hypno–therapy is a unified model that uses evidence based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help heal trauma in the same way that Pierre Janet first developed the phased model for the treatment of post traumatic stress.