Three Steps To Trauma Recovery

There are Three Steps To Trauma Recovery Watch The Short Trauma Master Class Now

Three Steps To Trauma Recovery Forms The Foundation Of Every Great Trauma Program But Only Susan Wallace Uses Hypnotherapy As It Was Intended

Pierre Janet’s approach to the treatment of post traumatic stress and experts such as Bessel Van Der Kolk’s who wrote the Body Keeps Score, Judith Herman’s seminal work Trauma Recovery, Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Babette Rothschild Eight Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery and Sue Johnsons Emotionally Focused Therapy have all adapted this model and we also use it on the Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course.

Hypnotherapy is the original trauma therapy

The reason why we use this models is because Hypnotherapy is the original trauma therapy and when Pierre Janet developed the three phased model it relied heavily on hypnosis. You’ll see why hypnosis is perfect for the treatment and healing of trauma.

Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis puts hypnotherapy back at the heart of effective trauma treatment and recovery

There is universal agreement from trauma experts that:

o Hypnosis was the original and most effective way to treat victims of trauma.
o Hypnosis has played an essential role in the development of modern day psychotherapy.
o Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis will put hypnotherapy back at the heart of effective trauma treatment and recovery.

The psychological community are now moving towards a unified model of psycho-hypno-therapy as explained in this blog post here and you can be part of that movement.

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So where do we start when we have a client sitting in front of us?

We have to open up a therapeutic conversation around trauma. But we have to do it in a very client centred way so we will need an entry question and an exit question so we can help them achieve emotional balance – even if their trauma experiences are too intense to work with straight away – so that will be the focus of our next lesson.

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