Two Of The Best Hypnotherapy Training Courses Compared

Not all hypnotherapy courses are the same nor are they equal. Here at Hypnotherapy Business Academy we are the only school in Europe and the USA to offer our graduates a pathway to advance their hypnotherapy skills by learning the unified psycho-hypno-therapy approach to help clients heal from the effects of trauma.

Learn More About the Advanced Diploma In Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Course and Enjoy The Benefits of Working With Long Term, Highly Committed Clients

Here’s What We Are About To Cover

What is the most effective form of hypnotherapy?  In this twelve minute MasterClass we will look at the different forms of hypnotherapy. We will discuss which one is the most effective. We will look at the best hypnotherapy for helping clients with common challenges. We then move on to discuss why so many people are scared of emotion and we discuss the elements of experience and the elements of emotion.

Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis with Susan Wallace

Traditional hypnotherapy (the way I teach it) is considered brief solution focused psychotherapy.  This form of hypnotherapy is highly effective and considered the best hypnotherapy training for common every day challenges.

However, it’s important to remember that hypnotherapy training comes in many different forms. The form I teach on the Triple Diploma is called solution focused hypnotherapy – but I teach it from a psychotherapy based approach where we focus on the process – what happens in ALL the components of our clients experience. We take a look at their thoughts, their feelings, their reactions, behaviours and their beliefs.

This means that we can confidently offer solutions because we are so thorough in our approach to helping clients work through all of the domains of experience that are affected by their challenge.  Their:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Beliefs
  • Behaviours
  • Body Response
  • Actions and Reactions

In this video and in the next one, we will look at similarities and differences between the  Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course.

A Few Words on Our Emotional Appraisal System and our Window of Tolerance

When bad things happen to us our body goes into fight, flight or freeze – survival response to get through it.  This response is automatically activated.  This means you don’t get to choose or control it.  But when the difficulties are over and you are recovering from it – your mind will try to construct a story – a narrative – to try and make sense of it.

But the body has another story – and the trauma hypnotherapist learns how to listen to this deep, body language.  On Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis you’ll learn how to work with the deep, emotions that are often embedded in our innate body language.

Overcoming The Fear of Working with Emotion

You’ll learn that emotion is a process but more than that, emotion is our default appraisal system and emotion is the gateway to discovering our clients core wounds and working with their enduring vulnerabilities. 

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