Participants on live or online training should note the following:

Recording any part of live or virtual training is strictly forbidden.

Case material presented or recorded may be disturbing or unsettling for people who have unresolved personal issues.

If you are engaged in personal therapy please speak to your therapist if you find anything unsettling or speak to Susan.

If you do not have a personal therapist, please seek supervision with one of our recomended supervisors or speak to Susan.

That said, the training you will receive is very positive and empowering and is aimed to give you the skills to manage and contain unhelpful emotions, feelings or behaviours. The aim is to give you the education and skills for you to be able to help others.

Practice Sessions

If you are invited to participate in a practice session, please note that this is for educational purposes only and not for personal therapy. If something happens that causes concern, please bring it to Susan Wallace’s attention immediately.

Deep Work

If you are learning how to do deep work associated with processing traumatic experiences, it’s important to know that unexpected material may surface during or after the training in the form of dreams, emotions or enhanced recall. It is your responsibility to obtain support and assistance. It is not the responsibility of Susan Wallace or Hypnotherapy Business Academy to provide such assistance. However, please feel free to reach out to Susan if you feel unsettled but remember it is your responsbility to find appropriate assistance as this is not part of the training.