Trauma Hypnotherapy Often Starts with a Conversation about Self Worth

Trauma Hypnotherapy Often Starts with a Conversation about Self Worth. So how do you open up a conversation about trauma or emotionally injury? Watch the Master Class and learn about the trauma entry question and we need a trauma exit question.

  • How do you proceed if your client is doing change work and they just aren’t making the kind of progress you’d expect?
  • What do you say if you suspect that there is an underlying cause or some kind of attachment trauma present?
  • How to you proceed if your client tells you that they are ‘sabotaging’ their efforts?
  • What do you do if your client announces after a session that hypnotherapy, counselling or psychotherapy is working for them?
  • What do you do if your client breaks down and cries and they cannot put into words what is wrong but their body Is clearly showing you that trauma is present?
  • What do you do if your client shuts down and they are unresponsive?

Because breaking down and shutting down are both trauma responses so how do you bring your client back into the room with you when they are lost in their body or lost in their brain?

Trauma Hypnotherapy Can Also Starts With Issues Around Self Worth

I recorded another short video on this topic in the blog article called ‘Reframe Self Worth As a Trauma Response’. You can watch that << here >> and see how trauma hypnotherapy shows up as many other common client issues.

Two Trauma Questions To Encourage Client Collaboration

We need two question and we need a clearly defined process that will work with every client no matter how they present – whether they are in fright, fight, flight, fawn or freeze. We need a trauma entry question and we need a trauma exit question so that we can help them maintain some kind of emotional balance and at the same time get a sense of the trauma they have been through.  The entry question you’ll discover centres on self worth and the exit question centres on growth.

The Purpose of the Trauma Grounding Kit

Because we are in phase one of the three phased approach – safety and stabilisation in trauma hypnotherapy, we are deliberately staying on the edges of the trauma, until we have given our client the give of the trauma grounding kit – this is a series of hypnotherapy interventions designed to stabilise your clients nervous system, keep their emotions balanced and to soothe their mind and because it has a hypnotic anchor attached to it – you’ll be able to help your clients access their trauma grounding kit – instantly and effortless throughout the three phases of healing trauma through hypnosis.

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