Trauma Therapy 4 Things To Remember

When doing Trauma Therapy there are four things you’ll want to remember and you’ll use these four things to help pace your client as the move through the three phases of Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis. As you already know hypnotherapy for trauma dates right back to the 1800’s when the psychologist Pierre Janet developed a three phased model of therapy for post traumatic stress (trauma) that relied heavily on hypnotherapy.

These four things are also printed on the Infographic that you can give to your clients as you guide them through the healing trauma through hypnosis process.

Trauma Therapy Is Easy When You Have a Psychological Model To Lean Into

Trauma therapy is easy. There are only three phases and four things to remember. If you can remember to take your time, repeat skills that work, stop when you need to and strengthen your resources you’ll do great.


Join Me, Susan Wallace On The Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Course and Work With Me Online and/or In Person

Starting today, you can sign up and start learn the same three phrase, trauma hypnotherapy framework developed by Pierre Janet in the 1800’s. This is the same model that forms the foundation almost all trauma therapy and described well by trauma expert and author of The Body Keeps The Score. You will have the opportunity to put hypnotherapy back where it belongs at the centre of your trauma treatment. Pierre Janet discovered that hypnotherapy made it much easier for clients to move through the three phases of treatment and hypnosis made it much more effective to identify, explore and modify traumatic memories and give our clients what Sue Johnson the developer of EFT calls a corrective experience.

When you learn how to heal trauma through hypnosis you also learn how to heal self worth, attachment injuries, core wounds, self esteem, self confidence, self sabotage, phobias, anxiety, stress related conditions, psychosomatic illness and much, much more through hypnosis.

You are about to learn how to use the same three phase model that underpins the work of these great masters in trauma recovery and you can use it to provide safe recovery and heal trauma in all its disguises through hypnosis.

My name is Susan Wallace. I’m the Teaching Therapist and I’d like to thank you for your leadership. I’m here to help you be the best, have the best and give your best.

Psycho–hypno–therapy is a unified model that uses evidence based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for trauma in the same way that Pierre Janet first developed the phased model for the treatment of post traumatic stress.