Advanced Trauma Training That Won’t Cost You A Cent

This autumn, you can study to become a Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist. You will earn an Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma though hypnosis. Best of all, you can learn without it costing you a single cent. 

Short 8 Minute Explainer Video

Susan Will Help You Find Three Clients Who Want To Move Past Trauma

  • You will be given resources and support to find three case study clients who have trauma challenges.
  • You are encouraged to charge a small fee to help meet the cost of your training. 
  • Work with three clients twice a month.
  • Charge a discounted rate of €50 per session.
  • You’ll do six hours in total and earn €300 per month.
  • This will completely cover the cost of your training.
  • You’ll even have some money left over for voluntary supervision.

Sign Up and Pay Your Deposit

Sign up and pay a deposit of just €195. You will receive full training on how to obtain case studies. As we move through the modules on the course, you’ll learn what to do and say to support your clients through each phases of trauma treatment.

What You Will Learn On Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis

On the Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis, you will learn how to deliver highly effective phased trauma hypnotherapy to your clients. You’ll become skilled and qualified to help them:

  • Release their mind and body from the effects of trauma
  • Repair their lives and
  • Recover their identity and freedom.

By The End of This Advanced Diploma Course You’ll Be Able To:

Slow down and deliver process focused hypnotherapy through each of the three phases of trauma therapy.
Deploy hypnotic techniques designed to release trauma from clients who are frozen and/or dissociate from their body or have early attachment wounds.
Release procedural memory blocks so clients can complete blocked survival responses that stop them from re-connecting with their body.
Enable clients to develop empowered responses to environmental, social, sensory, emotional and psychological triggers.
Explain and use the neuro-biology of trauma, polyvagal therapy and attachment theory to help you clients understand that trauma is a highly efficient survival response and that they can release, repair and recover.
Manage client expectations and deliver long-term highly effective, fully supportive, deeply engaging trauma therapy and healing.
Develop the skills to support clients through the release and recovery from difficult past experiences.
Utilise an extensive portfolio of tried and tested tools and strategies.
Help clients move through each phase of therapy at the pace that is right for each individual.
Understand that recovery isn’t linear and you’ll be able to guide them through the ups and downs of recovery in a professional, supportive and sensitive way.
Confidently and competently sit with clients while guiding and supporting them in a way that leaves space for healing and growth.
Heal trauma though hypnosis and through highly specialised long-term phased work.

Learn Techniques Made Popular By Trauma Experts

You’ll be learning a wide range of evidence based skills made popular by trauma experts such as Judith Herman, Bessel van de Kolk, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Babette Rothschild, Grabbe and Miller-Karas and many other trauma experts incorporate elements of Janet’s original treatment of trauma into their work.