Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Advanced Diploma Course

Help Clients Heal From Trauma and Experience Post Traumatic Growth and Resilience

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Here's What you Will Learn on the Pre-Training Course

Trauma Case Files: When Work Related Anxiety Reveals Unprocessed Sexual And Psychological Abuse * Trigger Warning, contains language descriptive of sexual assault.
Why the Revolving Door Method of Hypnotherapy is sabotaging your success and why it must be stopped now!
The Dragon Hypnosis Metaphor. Use it to introduce slow, phase orientated hypnosis to your clients and let them know you understand their emotional and psychological pain.
How Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis will expand your hypnotherapy practice and fill your diary with clients who love working with you.

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Join Susan in Dublin or Live Online For Six Transformative Modules To Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis

Phase 1: Safety and Stabilisation Skill Building 

Sunday, 6 October 2024 

Learn how to Phase 1 thoroughly and give clients great skills in safety and stabilisation of body memories.  Doing so often neutralises the need or desire to process traumatic experiences.  Therefore, many clients skip to phase 3 and get busy reclaiming what they lost and living fully in the present and focused and fearless for their future.

Phase 1:  Healing Attachment Wounds Through Hypnosis

Sunday, 3 November 2024

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Early Childhood Attachment Trauma leave a legacy of unwanted symptoms in our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours.  Learn the emotion focused way to help your clients return to secure attachment functioning while ensuring you show up as a model of secure attachment even if your style is anxious, avoidant or mixed.

Phase 2:  Healing Core Wounds Through Hypnosis

Sunday, 8 December 2024

Learn the deepest and most profound form of healing through hypnosis. Work directly with the Emotional Command System to update the unwanted BS (belief system or bull sh*t) that is hidden in the verbal narrative, soma narrative and the emotional command system.    This is the most transformative hypnotic experience you will ever learn. 

Phase 2:  Rapid Hypnotic Trauma Release Techniques®

Sunday 12  January 2025

Learn how to recognise and release somatic trauma responses from the body and help clients develop empowering actions and reactions to triggers and treat.  Learn the step-by-step hypnosis based Flashback Protocol to neutralise trauma triggers.

Recovery of The Lost Self
Phase 3 Deep Dive

Sunday 9 February 2025

Give your clients the skills to nurture those aspects of self that were lost or repressed. Help them actively design the epilogue and experience post traumatic growth and resilience through daily intentional practice and narrative nurturing.

Stepping Into The Light and Graduation

Sunday 9 March 2025

By the time your graduation day rolls around, you'll have developed your professional identity.  You'll have a message of hope and healing for clients and you'll be able to welcome more long term clients into your practice - and bring stability to their life and stability to your hypnotherapy business.     

PLUS!  Join Susan online every Tuesday evening 

Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm.  From 1st October 2024 to 4th March 2025.

Graduate in six months. Stay for two years and get great support while you build your confidence, experience and your client list

Secure Attachment Lies At The Heart of Trauma Training and Trauma Recovery

The Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis Advanced Diploma Course uses secure attachment principles to ensure you get the skills, support and security you need to confidently welcome long and medium term clients into your hypnotherapy practice.  Here's how we do that...

Trauma Therapy Tuesdays

Join Susan and the trauma hypnotherapy live online every Tuesday and build leadership skills in the most modern from of hypnotherapy.

Weekly Video Master Class To Deepen Your Skills

Enjoy one new video lesson every week for one academic year. Slow down and take your time while you build great skills.

All Lessons and Sessions Recorded For You

Never miss a thing even if you are busy.  Catch a replay. Revisit modules and learn at your own speed. Get access for two full years so you can take your time and stop when you want to.

Two Years Support At No Additional Cost

You'll graduate in six months as a hypnosis focused traumatologist but you'll stay for two years, with unconditional support to help you grow a successful hypnotherapy practice.

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Phase 1: Safety and Stabilisation

Here's the Phase One lectures that are waiting for you in the Online Library:

Master the Hypnosis Based Trauma Grounding Kit
Overview of Phase One: Safety and Stabilisation
Delivering Phase One Trauma Therapy Sessions
Evidence Based Tools To Help Clients Cope and Calm
Working with Attachment Challenges and Presenting as a Secure Attachment Figure During Therapy
Working with Dissociation and Disregulation
Essential Questions to Ask and Phrases to Reassure
Lessons from Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and the Trauma Resiliency Model
Deep Dive Into Scientific Literature for Trauma Recovery

Phase 2: Processing Traumatic Memories 

Here's the Phase Two lectures that are waiting for you in the Online Library:

Overview of Phase Two: Processing and Memory Modification
Hypnotic Eye Movement & Memory Modification To Process Trauma
Emotional Release Techniques
Flashback Protocol Through Hypnosis
Processing Trauma With and Without The Use of Regression
Shifting From Unpredictable Danger To Reliable Safety
Using Emotional Appraisal To Transform Trauma Triggers
Safe Trauma Recovery - Lessons from Babette Rothschild

Phase 3: Trauma Recovery and Post Traumatic Growth

Here's the Phase Three lectures that are waiting for you in the Online Library:

Overview of Phase Three: Trauma Recovery and Integration
Resilience: Re-writing the Trauma Story Through Hypnosis
Forgiveness and Mourning and Reclaiming Lost Parts of the Self
Teaching Resilience with the Trauma Resilience Kit
Developing Post Traumatic and Adversarial Growth
Learning Optimism - Tools To Share With Clients
Teaching Your Client Soma Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Skills
Moving Into The New Phase of Being:  Key Suggestions and Processes

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What You Will Graduate With

Confidence and the skills to Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis and work as a fully qualified Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist 
Master the rapid advances in neuroscience, attachment science and trauma hypnotherapy to help clients overcome difficult life experience and experience post traumatic growth.
Learn the most advanced form of conversational hypnotherapy to heal trauma through hypnosis and become confident working from your heart instead of your head.
Experience the benefits that come from filling your diary with long term hypnotherapy clients.

Here's What Our Graduates Have To Say

Expert Guidance

Susan helped me develop the skills to confidently navigate my clients through difficult and often traumatic experiences with compassion and kindness.  

Elleria Janas, Body Coach
Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist

Holding Space

I didn't realise how important it was to hold space for clients during hypnotherapy.  What emerges in the silence is amazing and clients love it!

Helen Doyle, RC Hyp, Dip Hyp,
Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist

Unbelievable Support

The level of support on this course is unbelievable. Susan invited us all back again for a second year and asked for nothing in return. 

Catherine McNamara, Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist, IACP

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Here's a Summary Of What's Included:

Six deep dive modules delivered live in Dublin and online to develop your leadership skills in trauma hypnotherapy
Weekly video lesson for one academic year to help you build a portfolio of highly effective trauma hypnotherapy tools and techniques.
Trauma Therapy Tuesday live online from 7pm to 8:15pm (IST) and recorded if you cannot attend.
Two years mentoring, support and access to all video lessons and Trauma Tuesday Therapy sessions at no extra cost.
Course manuals, key scripts and prompt sheets and client handouts posted out to you - anywhere in the world.  
Pay In Full In Advance Offer:  Receive a substantial discount and get full instant access to the online course and have the course manuals posted to you immediately.


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Here's Answers To Common Questions

What happens on Trauma Therapy Tuesdays? 

Join us live online every Tuesday evening Irish Standard Time (IST) from 7:00pm to 8:15pm during term time. Enjoy lively discussion, demonstrations, skill development sessions and marketing your trauma skills. All sessions are recorded if you cannot attend.

How is this course delivered?

Every Saturday morning a new video lesson is released.  Log into the hub and watch the lesson.  Video lessons are no longer than 30 minutes.  This lesson will be your focus for the week.  Get crystal clear on the concepts in that lesson and bring that knowledge with you to our class on Tuesday evening.  In six months you'll have grasped everything, in two years you'll have mastered everything.

What happens if I miss a class?

Life has a way of throwing us off course every now and again.  As trauma hypnotherapists we expect the unexpected and we make space for challenges.  All live modules and Trauma Therapy Tuesdays are recorded and uploaded to your online learning hub.   You'll have all the support you need to get you back on track plus you're invited back for a second year at no extra cost.

What if I have unresolved issues or my own trauma challenges?

If things have happened or are happening right now then you need support and leadership from like-minded people who are here 100% to give you the support you need. Each of us are 'working through' our own stuff.  Life is a series of ups and downs and we support each other through the challenges we all face from time to time.

What if I can't attend the live events?

If you can't join Susan in Dublin that's no problem.  We have many international students who can only join us online - so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have access to wifi.  If you've got something on, don't worry, live events are recorded and added to the Online Library.

Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis is an advanced hypnotherapy diploma course designed to give you the skills to sit with clients and deliver phased hypnotherapy sessions to help clients overcome trauma and experience post traumatic growth.  This hypnotherapy course is much more than a trauma informed course, it provides in-depth hypnotherapy training in conversational hypnotherapy techniques and emotion focused hypnotherapy to help your clients put the past behind them, release their body from the legacy of body memories generated from traumatic memories and build resilience.