Trauma Training for the 21st Century Hypnotherapist!

Are You Ready To Experience a Fundamental Shift in How You Work Hypnotically With Clients?

Become a Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist
Offer Deep Phased Work 
Help Your Clients Achieve Post Traumatic Growth

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* You don't have to find trauma clients to attend this course. But if you'd like to work with trauma clients while you are learning Susan will provide you with all the resources to find them and provide the resources to help heal their trauma through hypnosis.

It's Time to Take Ownership of Our Legacy...
Hypnotherapy is the Original Trauma Therapy

Back in the 1800’s, Pierre Janet was the first therapist to develop a systematic, phase orientated treatment of post traumatic stress, hysteria and trauma.  His treatment  relied heavily on the use of hypnosis.  His process consisted of three phases of hypnotic treatment that are still being used today by trauma trainers and experts all over the world. However, too many professional therapists believe that providing trauma therapy is beyond the scope of their abilities - their belief systems hold them back and STOP them from learning how to heal trauma through hypnosis.

Judith Herman, Bessel van de Kolk, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Babette Rothschild, Grabbe and Miller-Karas and many other trauma experts all acknowledge the work of Pierre Janet.  Yet so many hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and counsellors fail to integrate it into their work - and it's not their fault.  You see, despite hypnotherapy being the most effective therapy for healing trauma for over 200 years, there has been no definitive hypnosis focused trauma training for therapists who want to help clients who present with complex trauma – until now...

meet the overwhelming demand for trauma therapISTS

Far too many therapists believe that providing trauma therapy is beyond the scope of their abilities.  Their limiting belief system hold them back and stop them from learning how to heal trauma through hypnosis.  

One of the reasons for this is that there has been no definitive hypnosis focused trauma training for therapists, until now.  Take the Diploma in Hypnosis Focused Traumatology and you will...

DEVELOP the skills to work with the effects of deep trauma

OFFER phased hypnosis work to clients

HOLD space for clients who need long term support

KNOW how good it feels to slow down and allow recovery to happen through your presence

GIVE trauma clients the time they need to release, recover and repair from difficult experiences

FEEL empowered and capable with a proven system that guides your clients to recovery

BECOME a hypnosis focused Traumatologist 

EXPERIENCE great job satisfaction, rewards and security from working with long-term clients 

ENJOY delivering slow, spacious, gentle, healing, holistic, phased hypnosis work

MOVE from doing hypnosis into being hypnotic


Working with thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs


through focused attention and enhanced response to suggestibility


to recover mental, emotional and physical wellbeing over time

Course Content and Dates for 2023

This course starts in January 2023.  The early bird rate for this course is €2,195 (full course fees are usually €2,535).  A deposit of €195 is required to reserve your place.  Then pay €400 once a month from the 5th January to 5th May 2023 (5 x €400).  The Sundays outlined in green are dates where you can join Susan live in person in our classroom at the Marino Institute in Dublin  - or you can continue to learn in our virtual classroom.

  • Safe Trauma Therapy Through Hypnosis Master Class.
    Monday 9 January 2023.  6pm to 9pm. 
  • Stabilisation and Safety Protocols for Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis
    Monday 16 January 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
    aturday 14 January ONLINE.  Sunday 15 January IN PERSON IN DUBLIN OR ONLINE.  10am to 6pm.  
  • Presenting as a Secure Attachment Figure During Therapy
    Monday 6 February 2023. 6pm to 9pm.  
  • Using Neurobiology To Help Clients Heal From Trauma
    Monday 13 February 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
  • Recalibrating The Nervous System Through Hypnosis
    Saturday 11 February 2023.  10am to 6pm.  
  • Working with Implicit and Explicit Memories During Hypnosis
    Monday 6 March 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
  • Working with Dissociation and Trauma
    Monday 13 March 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
    Saturday 11 March ONLINE.  
    Sunday 12 March IN PERSON IN DUBLIN OR ONLINE.  10am to 6pm.  
  • Restoration of Control Through Hypnosis
    Monday 27 March 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
  • Healing Sexual Trauma and Challenges Through Hypnosis 
    Monday 3 April 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
  • Processing Trauma With and Without Using Regression
    Saturday 1 April 2023.  10am to 6pm.  
  • Using Hypnotherapy to Shift from Unpredictable Danger to Reliable Safety
    Monday 24 April 2023. 6pm to 9pm.  
  • Forgiveness and Mourning of the Self Through Hypnosis
    Monday 1 May 2023.  6pm to 9pm.  
  • Resilience:  Re-writing the Trauma Story Through Hypnosis
    Saturday 29 April 2023. 10am to 6pm. 
  • Working with the Shadow Self Through Hypnosis
    Monday 22 May 2023.  6pm to 9pm. 
  • Using Hypnosis To Develop Post Traumatic Growth
    Monday 29 May 2023. 6pm to 9pm.  
    Saturday 27 May ONLINE.
    Sunday 28 May IN PERSON IN DUBLIN OR ONLINE.  10am to 6pm.  
    You'll help your clients validate and celebrate how much they have achieved in their time with you plus a LOT more.  You will graduate on Sunday afternoon at 2pm with your Advanced Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis.

    All training is recorded and uploaded to your online learning centre and remains available to you for 12 months after graduating.

    Evidence Based Training, Great Demonstrations and Tons of Practice Sessions and Endless Support and Resources...

    All Lessons and Master Classes Recorded

    Enjoy a lively and engaging online training experience. Benefit from short Deep Dive Master Classes, Q&A and practice sessions on Monday evenings throughout the course

    Full Accreditation and Insurance

    This advanced hypnosis diploma course is validated and accredited by the GHSC and the Professional Association of Trauma Hypnotherapists (PATH).  You can avail of our low cost insurance scheme with Balens.

    Online Learning Centre and Resource Hub

    Online learning centre contains recordings and transcripts of all lectures, sessions and an ever expanding library of effective trauma interventions.



    Phase 1.  Safety and Stabilisation.  Formation of a safe and stable therapeutic relationship. Symptom-oriented treatment and preparation for dealing with traumatic memories.
    Phase 2. Processing of Traumatic Memories.  Identification, exploration, processing and transforming of traumatic memories into meaningful experiences.
    Phase 3. Recovery and Rehabilitation. Relief of residual symptoms, relapse prevention, removal of learned helplessness, personality reintegration and relationship rehabilitation.
    Susan Wallace Diploma in Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis web

    Susan Wallace, MSc, RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, Mind Coach, Traumatologist

    Time is something you make and you take... don't let life STEAL the opportunity to bring rewarding work and long-term clients into your therapy practice... Make time for you...

    DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF USING SLOW TECHNIQUES SUCH as resourcing, titration and pendulation to help clients develop post traumatic growth

    This course will give you the qualifications and skills to help your clients stabilise traumatic symptoms, process traumatic memories and recover and reconnect with their body, their past and their lives

    You simply cannot rush through phased trauma work with clients.  Each phase takes time.  Sometimes it's three steps forward and one step back as clients learn to release procedural memory blocks and complete survival responses that promote full body healing.

    This course will take you through the phased process, one step at a time, so you become comfortable working with long term clients.


    This time next year will you be a therapist who can heal trauma through hypnosis or someone who has to say 'no' because trauma work is outside of your scope of expertise?

    Evidence Based Training, Great Demonstrations and Tons of Practice Sessions and Endless Support and Resources...

    The full cost of the course is €2,145.  The EARLY BIRD RATE is just €2,195.  Pay a deposit today of €195 followed by five pay-as-you-go payments of €400.  

    Upon payment of your deposit of €195 you will be added to the student email list and you will receive your log-in to the Trauma Grounding Kit - this online course will help you build essential hypnotherapy skills to help your clients regulate their nervous system. This is one of the most effective ways to help client through all three-phases of trauma release, repair and recovery.

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    Frequently asked questions...

    Susan Wallace with Trauma Pillow

    Interactive training incorporates elements such as helping clients to create a trauma pillow, journalling and interactive workbooks and colouring pages.

    What are the entry requirements to join this course?

    Prospective students ideally will have a qualification in hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching or other relevant training.  Students enrolled on Susan’s Triple Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online therapy may also join this course.  Students who do not have relevant qualification will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Susan direct for more information.

    How am I assessed and what do I need to do to graduate?

    Assessment is based upon your attendance, completion of a 800 word essay (on a trauma topic of your choice) completion of all modules and three trauma focused case studies.

    Is the course accredited and can I be insured?

    This advanced diploma course is validated and accredited by the *GHSC (UK) pending, Hypnotherapy Business Academy (Ireland), and the Professional Association of Trauma Hypnotherapists (PATH) at  You can obtain insurance from all major insurance providers and through our group scheme with Balens Insurance.

    What kind of clients will I be qualified to work with?

    The list of challenges you will be fully qualified to work with is extensive and includes but is not limited to the following:

    Anxiety and stress related conditions that are difficult to overcome through brief therapy.

    Presenting problems that seem to originate from difficult or traumatic past experiences.

    Intense emotional responses and reactions that are difficult to understand or sabotage the self.

    Inability to experience pleasure, hope, meaning and other positive emotions.

    Self sabotage and negative thoughts concerning the ability to achieve, be successful or deserving

    Post traumatic stress:  abuse, attack, accidents, flashbacks, nightmares. Feeling frozen or stuck in circumstances without understanding why.

    Relationship related wounding:  neglect, harsh childhood parenting or experiences, childhood sexual abuse, child-parent separation, difficult divorce, separation or break-up, lack of love and difficult adult relationships.

    Challenges around building and maintaining social, sexual and intimate relationships

    Feelings of detachment from one’s self and the world. Avoidant / dismissive responses to others.

    Past negative sexual, racial, religious or gender challenges that have left a lasting impression.

    Challenges arising from sexual abuse, extreme drug and alcohol abuse, violence, trafficking, pornographic industry, natural and man-made disasters, war and geographical displacement.

    What is the full cost of the course and do you offer a discount?

    The full cost of the course is €2,535.  Pay a deposit of €195 followed by twelve payments of €195.  A discount of €390 is applied when course fees are paid in full before the commencement of training.  Fees do not include the three optional supervision sessions with Susan.

    I have questions, who can I speak to?

    Reach out and speak to Susan Wallace direct by phone, WhatsApp or email.

    International calls: 00 353 86 343 2992 

    Calls from Ireland: 086 343 2992


    What support do you offer during and after training?

    Susan prides herself on her accessibility, genuine interest and support for her students and graduates.  If you need support or if you have a question or need advice, simply pick up the phone or send a text or email. Susan will personally get back to you.  There is no sales team or assistant to stop you from having a real conversation with Susan when you need it most.

    Can I talk to someone now?

    Pick up the phone and call Susan Wallace direct on 00 353 86 343 2992.  Within Ireland dial 086 343 2992.

    I'd like to be a case study for this course how do I apply?

    To become a case study for this course, please fill out the short form below.