Two Questions To Ask Before Booking a Hypnotherapy Course

Develop Outstanding Skills and Ask These Two Questions Before Booking A Hypnotherapy Course. Watch the full Master Class because you’re about to discover:

  • Why Tony Robbins and the other top %5 of International Coaches and Therapists always default to hypnotherapy and NLP.
  • One way I can make sure you’ll never be stuck wondering what to do with a client – no matter what challenges they present you with…
  • I’ll share a simple but highly effective technique from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed if you decide to take another course this year.

Thinking of Booking a Hypnotherapy Course?

Before you book any hypnotherapy course or life coaching course or psychotherapy course there are two questions you MUST ask yourself.

These are the questions I’ve heard hundreds of students ask over the years. So a few years back I decided to create a course that specifically answers these questions directly and that course is the Triple Diploma in hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy. Watch the mini Master Class to listen to the two questions and to design your answers.

You’ve probably heard me say it before but I’m going to say it again:

  • Hypnotherapy is the original positive psychology.
  • Hypnotherapy is the original trauma therapy and
  • Hypnotherapy underpins all great psychotherapies and complementary therapies.

The fact of the matter is this. You won’t get anywhere in life, love or with clients if you’re not able to use suggestions to create positive responses in others. That’s a fact. No matter what you want to do, have, be or become.

So let’s say you want to obtain a diploma in hypnotherapy – maybe for your own personal development or maybe because you want to become qualified to work with fee paid clients. In both cases you’ll find the Triple Diploma course is deeply engaging, practical and professional.

Well then it will be important that you’re able to OFFER that hypnotherapy in a few different ways. You’ll need to be able to offer it

  • In Person
  • In Groups
  • Online

Plus I’ll show you how to DELIVER it as

Hypnotherapy as Hypnotherapy and also as Mind Coaching and as Online Therapy

This equals:

  • Maximum Flexibility and
  • Maximum Ability To Reach Clients
  • Not just for today but for the coach and therapist you will be tomorrow.

To sign up for the most comprehensive and flexible hypnotherapy diploma course in Ireland, the UK and Europe click on the image below. A simple deposit of €195 will secure your place. This time next year you could be a professional, fee-paid Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach who delivers rapid results and solution focused hypnotherapy.

Triple Diploma Course with Susan Wallace

Two Questions to Ask Before Booking a Hypnotherapy Course. Then look at how much value, experience and qualifications you’ll get from Susan Wallace’s Triple Diploma course…