Working With Clients Online

Welcome to the Working With Clients Online Master Class. This is a mega post filled with not one but two Master Classes and one good explainer video.

Unfortunately, when I recorded this Master Class it was live on Zoom so the sound quality isn’t as good as you’ve come to expect from me. However, do stick with me as the content is high quality as always.

STEP 1:  Understanding Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching in Psychotherapy and Counselling

STEP 2: Three Practical Techniques That Work Extremely Well Online

Apologies for the sound quality at the start. I was a little flustered as NOTHING worked the way it should for me when I produced this Master Class! But hey! If you want to work online you’ve got to have a high level of tolerance for unexpected events!

STEP 3: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Seeing Clients Online

This is a thirty minute Master Class that covers EVERYTHING you need to know to preserve the privacy of your clients, protect their data and GDPR rights when you are working with them online.

Why Did You Do All This Susan and Then Give It All Away For Free?

ANSWER 1: I have a simple business philosophy that I call ‘grow by giving’. I care deeply about the health and wellness industry and about making sure great therapists can continue to do their work even if COVID-19 means you or your clients have to self isolate. So I’m happy to share my knowledge and experiences for free. Plus I think it’s one of the reasons why my Triple Diploma course in Hypnotherapy, Mind Coaching and Online Therapy is so well attended and enjoyed by so many.

ANSWER 2: It’s only through sharing and collaboration that we can all…

Be the Best, Have the Best and Give Our Best.

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