Your Relationship Template Hypnosis Script

Would You Like To Experience 12 Minutes of Hypnotic Suggestions to prepare you (or your clients) to update their Relationship Template?

If it’s appropriate and safe for you to do so, why not settle back into a nice comfortable chair, turn your phone on silent and set an alarm for 12 minutes from now. Listen to this Introduction To Your Relationship Template hypnotherapy script. Do not listen to this recording if you are driving or operating any kind of machinery. Sit upright rather than lying down to help reduce the risk of drifting off to sleep. There is no hypnotic induction in this recording – this are hypnotic suggestions only.

When you sign up for the Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis course you’ll be given this script. You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use it. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do to help your clients update their Relationship Template and help them develop a more secure attachment style. You’ll learn exactly how to help your clients heal their attachment wounds and update their relationship template through hypnosis on the full << Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis course >>

Here’s what’s in the hypnosis script:

  • Definition of our relationship template
  • How our relationship template develops
  • How core wounds operate in the here and now
  • When we need to examine our relationship template and when we don’t
  • The broken computer metaphor
  • The benefits of using hypnosis heals attachment wounds and updating our relationship template
  • Positive, suggestions to promote a return to our birthright for secure attachment

Introduction to Your Relationship Template – How To Use This Hypnosis Script

I don’t for a second suggest that you repeat this script word for word when you’re working with your clients, instead use it as a guide to introduce the concept of the Relationship Template and Attachment Wounds. Modify the script and make your own of it. Use it for what its intended purpose – a relaxing, affirming way to introduce the concept of early attachment wounds and the relationship blueprint to your clients and a way to energise and inspire them to erase the pain of past hurts, reframe memories, heal core wounds and replace unhelpful beliefs with empowering ones.

What To Do Next With Your Client

The next stages of Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis are listed below. Now of course you won’t be doing all of these in one single session. You’ll do them over multiple sessions. You will collaborate with your client to decide what will be most useful – depending on what is coming up for your client.

  • Explain the four main types of attachment to clients
  • Use one of the three tools to help you and your clients understand attachment style
  • Make sure your client understands the role of hypnotherapy within the Adaptive (Triune) Brain model – this will help build social engagement with your client and develop a strong feedback loop
  • Teach clients four ways to recognise the strengths and stretches of their attachment style
  • Help your clients to recognise how childhood attachment survival challenges show up in adulthood
  • Share Time Line Therapy techniques with your clients so they can explore attachment challenges from childhood and develop more secure ways of bonding in the here and now
  • Use one of the four soma (body) focused interventions to help your client explore, understand, shift and shape their attachment style
  • As your client describes their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs you’ll use their language to create personalised hypnotherapy scripts to help your clients develop more secure ways of attaching.

You Are Warmly Invited To Join Me In Dublin or Online for the Healing Attachment Through Hypnosis course.

I’d love to have you join me on this extremely important way to use hypnosis to help our clients heal past hurts, repair attachment wounds, update their beliefs and return to a secure attachment base with a relationship template that is updated and adapted to who they are now and now who they were back then.

This Relationship Blueprint Hypnosis Script is the perfect way to introduce the concept of attachment wounds and the relationship blueprint to clients who’ve had difficult childhood experiences.